!! OMG, new Pink: So What? !!

Everyone’s favourite non-lesbian has a new angry lesbian video full of really pithy observations about break-ups and the music bizzzzzzz. I bet that’s how she spells it, too, with lots of ZZZZZZZZZ, cause she’s different and wacky. ZZZZZZZ.

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4 Comments on "OMG, new Pink: So What?"

  1. do I smell some wacky, alternative people bashing here?

  2. Yeah it was totally about her Ex, he was even in the video. lol

  3. “Im going to get in trouble,
    I’m going to start a fight.”
    Insightful song writing! I can understand why people thought to cast her as Janis Joplin…
    Personally, Pink is just the biggest example of irony to me. That’s the only thing about her that i love 🙂

  4. I like the video and the song. I didn’t get the impression it had anything to do with the music industry. Did I miss something?

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