!! OMG, you spilled a bit: Sophie’s ‘BIPP’ !!

Sophie’s ‘Bipp’ is such a SLOPPY POP SOUP that it makes you feel instantly like you’re that guy in the rave who did too much whatever and whilst standing on the speaker totally believes by some divine techy power that he hath become the vessel through which good times and squelchy beats emanate…a RAVE CONDUCTOR of such, with very few apostles nearby, only that girl with the tiny backpack, and her friend, that’s all, just them.
There are some dangerous frequencies being used here, making me “feel wetter” [not “better” as promised], so much so that I’m hoping ADULT DIAPER AND PACIFIER is still a viable club look in 2013, because I don’t want others to know I’m a leaker at high frequencies.

“What traces of SOPHIE that were available online have now been removed. Retreating to the studio to distil and refine early demos, SOPHIE is now ready to be unleashed upon the world.”_elastic artists

[via GvB]

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