!! OMG, she’s “a pro-fes-sio-nal!”: Kaycee Rice’s ‘Werk’ !!

OK, wait, hang on; preteen sparkle crotch thrusts? mine!
The scuttle run? That’s my move, I do that when I’m ready to leave the club, then I toe-to-head hand roll and crump some more!
I have to say I would never do the “wait, like, I don’t get it” part because I DO get it, I invented it so I get it, I also get what plagiarism is too, so pipe down Babycakes!
Eurgh, she’s so young I can still see the UTERAL ALBUMEN flying off her pony tail whip!
I am so used to doing this dance that every time I hear the word “professional” in the office I break into a hair whip and do that drop at the end, except not quite like this girl, it’s more like I get dizzy and fall into the photocopier, but you’re are allowed to be sloppy and wrinkly when you invented things, and not if your just a PRE-TEEN COPY CAT BOBBLE-HEADED BRATZ SKANK!
[Thanks Bear!]

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