!! OMG, young and sweet only 37: Dancing Queen…of the bus stop !!

The YouTube owner of this video is called Jane Rowland, and I’m going to just go ahead and say that’s Kelly’s older sister right now. It’s so obviously really with those hip jiggles and the lip-synch heavenly talents, it’s just like the world to put the less talented but prettier sister in the limelight and leave the real talent at the bus stop, waiting for the 34 to take her back home to her apartment above ‘The Golden Dumpling’.
See the preview video for Kelly Rowland’s new single, [?] totally filmed where her sister Jane works at Wally’s Wash’n’Fold, the title of the track ‘Dirty Laundry’ [below] totally about that flipping sky blue button-up that Jane wears year-round, even if she’s working up a musty sweat prancing about at the bus stop…erm Kelly, you might want to return her calls, that’s why she keeps checking her phone in the video, durrrrr!

[Thanks Julia!]

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