!! OMG, handle with care: Duckie Brown F/W ’13 exclusive for Bullett !!

I love a blue suit with black shoes, it’s so very British formal public service institution-esque Thomas-the-Tank-Engine-esque, Postman Pat-esque you know what. And as YSL proved more than 30 years ago, black and blue are very chic when paired together correctly.
So if this guy in the thick blue suit was my gallery intern, I’d be super hoping he’d keep his clompy formal bus conductor Opening Ceremony shoes and thicker-than-most royal blue Duckie Brown suit wandering around the room when the opening commences…and in that case I would be trolloping around the gallery with a book of those luminous orange circular stickers that indicate a sale, and I’d be trying to tag that bright blue multi-pocketed intern ass, just to snuggle with his suiting and get ceremonious with his openings!
Jump bellow to see the rest of the series, which was previewed as a DB web exclusive for Bullett.


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