!! OMG, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Gays now as important to women as purses !!

Get your Mulberry barf bags out, boys! Teen Vogue asks: Is a GBF (Gay Best Friend) the New Must-Have Accessory For Teen Girls?
Writes Teen Vogue‘s Lindsay Talbot:

He’s fun, trust-worthy, and supportive, plus you don’t have to compete with him. He’s your gay best friend–and he’s in demand.

This spring, sixteen-year-old Mimi noticed a new trend at her Pacific Palisades, California, high school. The must-have items for her fashionista classmates included a Proenza Schouler tie-dyed top, a shrunken military jacket, neon-bright chunky bracelets, and . . . a gay best friend.

“A few years ago, all the popular, pretty girls were walking hand in hand with a preppy jock,” she says. “Now you’ll see them in hallways with a Mulberry bag on one arm and a Johnny Weir look-alike on the other.” She says one girl at her school even recently tweeted: “OMG, watching Glee makes me wish I had a guy like Kurt in my life.”

Let’s see… if I were an accessory for a teen girl, what would I be? Maybe a tube of lipstick with which she could freshen up before kissing my ass? (Is lipstick considered an accessory? I don’t even f*cking know so I guess I wouldn’t make a very good gay lapdog.)
Do you have a friend with a vagina? Which one of her accessories are you?
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2 Comments on "OMG, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Gays now as important to women as purses"

  1. i think the headline of the article is pretty clear, the editor’s note just makes it seem like they’re trying to have it both ways.

  2. Well jokes aside, the article is actually rather anti-accessory. I point especially to the Editor’s comment following the article. There definitely is a connection in the gay-boy-straight-girl relationship that can’t really be duplicated by any other. But at the end of the day, circumstances will always occur that highlight who one’s true friends are; gay, or female, or otherwise.

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