!! OMG, You’ve Got to Be Kidding !!

The teeny-peened idiots from gay republican outfit GOProud are having their annual sad convention and not only have they invited homophobic bitch/notorious fag hag Ann Coulter to speak, they’re also calling her “The Right Wing Judy Garland.” They mean because she looks like she’s addicted to diet pills, right?
(Via Boy Culture)

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4 Comments on "OMG, You’ve Got to Be Kidding"

  1. I’m with Clark Lane on this one. Gay marriage is an important issue, sure, but it’s also just one issue. When it comes to abortion, gun rights, the economy, foreign policy, immigration, and general views of the Constitution and the role of government, my views are much more conservative than liberal, so I vote conservative. It’s extremely sad that the writer thinks that he knows better than other grown, adult men who have independent thoughts and convictions and follow them. Get over y’allself.

  2. Clark Lane,
    Why don’t you stop trying to suck the cocks of people who want nothing to do with you? The point isn’t that you’re conservative. The point is that you side with people who do not side with you. Ann Coulter is a homophobic bitch. Opinionated? She says whatever will create controversy and earn her money (money: the telos of all conservatives) regardless of who it burns (i.e. you).
    For once I agree with BMad. GOProud IS a sad convention. A convention of self-loathing queers who value money over justice. Since your invitation to the hate-fest must have gotten lost in the mail, I’d like to offer you another invitation. An invitation to go fuck yourself. All you do is bitch and moan on this website and no one cares to hear it.

  3. Ah, once again you assume that all gay guys are flaming liberals like yourself. You would be WRONG about that. For all the wenches that gays like I don’t understand the issue you have with Ann Coulter. She is a strong-willed opinionated woman who has more balls than half the ‘men’ in DC.
    Get over your lib self, please, and stop making fun of us that might be more conservative. For being so ‘open minded’ you sure are the first to condemn.

  4. So, is that supposed to be Ann Coulter, or the Drag Queen MC?

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