!! OMG, he’s naked: Mexican singer and actor Pablo Portillo !!

Mexican singer, actor, now content-creator, Pablo Portillo does it all…with a cheeky crop that usually leaves something to the imagination, and a signature grainy filter.

See for yourself after the NSFW jump!

Click to enlarge!

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22 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Mexican singer and actor Pablo Portillo"

  1. I have a fantasy of being topped by a small man (under 4 ft) with a 10 incher.

  2. Reality bites | May 4, 2023 at 4:13 am | Reply

    Too bad he looks like he’s 5’3

  3. Whoever edits his photos has body dysmorphia.. The images are so processed and anatomy warped.

  4. Was not expecting all that. Stud.

  5. I don’t know Dawg, sounds kinda pitchy.

  6. Damn! What the fuck does he feed that thing? I thought that Ryan Phillippe was hung (and he is) but with that thing being uncut, it looks even larger.

    • ?!? How do you know this about Ryan Phillippe? I don’t know how I missed this info! Was there a post on this blog about him? You got me to google, “Ryan Phillippe naked” and up pops two jerk off videos! Was I in a coma that week? No, but certainly the world was upended when this came out.

      I have been a fan of Ryan’s when he played gay teen, Billy, on One Life to Live. I am not a soap watcher but I tuned in for that whenever I could. What a fantastic impact that had on so many lives.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  7. How do we know the last photo is him? No chest hair, no hair on his upper thighs or happy trail…..

  8. Wow! What a beautiful man! I love the last pic! They’re all great pics really. Thanks !!OMG BLOG!!

    • Got news for you – your posting worked the first time…..

      • And you’re clearly an idiot with nothing else better to do than to point it out. I got an error the firs time I attempted to post it. So I tried a second time and it worked. Of course, had I known it worked the first time I wouldn’t have attempted a second time. Sorry if the repeat post triggered some type of seizure, allergic reaction, mental episode, PTSD, a nervus breakdown or whatever you experienced when you saw my inadvertent double post. Maybe you should find something else more productive to do with your time than to come on a website to point out a double post from someone else who actually enjoys this website. Idiot. Are you the same person who constantly points out people’s typos? Troll.

        • Hmmm… 12:30 am rage post. Let’s see……triggered or drunk?

          • LOL Is that all you could come up with? Let’s see if I can match your ignorance. Hmmm 6:57am. Let’s see….Unemployed, miserable, or just bored? It’s a shame that the moderators don’t ban idiots like you who come here to provoke others who come here to enjoy the site. Let’s see what pathetic reply you come up with this time.

        • Oh HR how quaint! I’m usually taking a coffee break at this hour having been working for about 2 hours by now – European markets are open. And my original guess was right – triggered. Maybe try something stronger than coffee in the morning. Mental health is important!

  9. Wow! What beautiful man! I love the last pic! They’re all great pics really. Thanks !!OMG BLOG!!

  10. And yet, SHANNON will find something to criticize….

  11. He could have every STD in the world and he could still fuck this pussy raw

  12. davidiniowa | May 2, 2023 at 11:16 am | Reply

    Thank you Jesus. Uncut and a full bush.

  13. He could wreck someone’s rectum with that thing

  14. Wow, is he hung? I’d say he’s hung enough to call that a weapon of ass destruction, lol

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