!! OMG, Queen Latifah finally comes out! Thanks her longtime partner Eboni at BET Awards !!

Well, it finally happened! Queen Latifah received the BET Lifetime Achievement Award this week when they honored her one-of-a-kind 35-year career as a rapper, performer, actress, and more. During her closing remarks, the star mentioned her longtime partner, Eboni Nichols, and their son, Rebel. She ended her speech by wishing viewers a “Happy Pride!” This is GREAT! How powerful for another hip-hop legend to come out at the BET Awards, in front of an industry that has a reputation and history of being homophobic at times. Welcome to the club, ‘Tifah! Check out her speech after the jump!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Queen Latifah finally comes out! Thanks her longtime partner Eboni at BET Awards"

  1. I like Queen Latifah. This is as news worthy as Kevin Spacey coming out. Hope the best for her.

  2. Didn’t she come out a few years ago?

  3. LOL. We’ve known for decades. Not impressed.
    I have more respect for those brave ones that come out early on and those that were obvious and never hid it.

    • At least unlike Ricky Martin, she didn’t put on a parade about how straight she was. She just didn’t talk about it.

    • Yes to this! I’m very over celebrities, especially older ones, coming out and then lecturing everyone else to do the same. Far too often, they don’t come out until it’s safe for them (career established), and then they and the mainstream gay crowd act like they are heroes. Nope!!

  4. Always like Queen Latifah a lot.
    Love her more now.

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