!! OMG, post-Halloween candy: Scorpio Season megapost !!

Sarah Paulson and Finn Wittrock in Ratched

It’s Scorpio season and we’re not about to miss out on all of the sexy Scorpio celebs who have gone nude on screen! Scorpios are determined… to take off their underwear. They are imaginative…ly naked. Are known for being assertive… in the face of being clothed.

See a BIG round-up of our some of our fav famous Scorpios after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down for the GIFs and watch the full scenes here.

Ryan Gosling’s one and only nude scene ever can be found in Blue Valentine, where he shows off his really nice ass in the shower. His general lack of nudity isn’t very Scorpio but we’ll give him a pass for that ass!

In addition we love this locker room image of him from Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Leonardo DiCaprio has a number of naughty scenes in The Wolf Of Wall Street, and even gets a candle lit in his butthole by a dominatrix. He’s going balls to the Wall Street!

And do not sleep for a second on arguably the sauciest Scorpio, Ultimate Daddy Gerard Butler. He shows his rock hard ass and tight body in Law Abiding Citizen.

On the series Girls, self-care icon Adam Driver essentially can’t keep his pants on. You can see him have sex with Lena Dunham as much as you want, and can even catch this very realistic masturbation scene.

Taron Egerton found widespread fame portraying Elton John in the biopic and his gorgeous ass is just part of the reason.

Matt Smith — who you can currently catch in theaters in Last Night in Soho — once portrayed iconic gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the biopic Mapplethorpe. It’s the only shot you have at seeing Smith in a threeway peen-forward gay photoshoot.

The ageless Josh Duhamel cooked up a “gapin’ apron” scene in Spaceman.

The absolutely gorgeous and perfect actor Finn Wittrock got his ass scrubbed down in Ratched. We swoon for Finn.

Michael Kenneth Williams famously played a gay character on The Wire and even showed his penis in a bedroom scene,

And… fans of eternal hunk Matthew McConaughey can catch his ass in Serenity.

See all these scenes and more right here.

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  1. “sex with Lena Dunham”

    the idea turns my stomach

  2. One big ad for a pay website masquerading poorly as an article.

    • Most of these Candy posts are that, but queens are silly and stupid and oh so easily satisfied. Which is weird given the amount and ease of access to so much free actual porn on the planet!

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