!! Secret Britney Spears concert in L.A. !!

It’s already been reported that Britney Spears is jonesing for a comeback, hence all the lipo and dance classes. But who knew it would happen next week?
This tip from Celebslam seems convincing enough:

Hey, just giving you some inside scoop. Britney Spears will be playing the House of Blues Sunset Strip on May 3rd, she is going under the band name The M + MS as well as The Anaheim House of Blues on 05/02/07. As far as how I know, lets say a little birdy told me.

Just giving you the first heads up.

Brit Brit Fan.

I won’t be in Los Angeles next week, but if you go, write and tell me how it was! I want to know if her wig falls off.

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2 Comments on "Secret Britney Spears concert in L.A."

  1. Will she be wearing that hat?

  2. Good news from Brit!
    Dude, don’t be so mean! Yet, wish her the best!

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