!! New Hampshire approves civil unions for gays !!

Yesterday the New Hampshire state legislature approved a civil union bill and Governor John Lynch has given every indication that he will sign it into law. This civil union bill was the first one in U.S. history to be brought forward without pressure from the courts.
Now those same-sex couples living on the Connecticut River (the border between New Hampshire and Vermont) won’t have to worry that their civil union won’t be valid every time they go grocery shopping.
In other gay history-making news, New York governor Eliot Spitzer plans to introduce full-blown gay marriage equality legislation this year, which would make him the first governor in U.S. history to introduce a same-sex marriage rights bill. And when Eliot does something, he does it all the way (no civil unions, just equal marriage rights). I love him!

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2 Comments on "New Hampshire approves civil unions for gays"

  1. The Australian state of Victoria is setting up a civil union registry for same sex couples very soon. We are following Tasmania’s lead. Couples however can already go the city of Melbourne (vic state capitol) and get some certificate of recognition which also extends some legal rights. The current Vic Premier, Steve Bracks, believes marriage is a religious thing but same sex couples should get full legal protection and recognition

  2. I think fighting for the word “marriage” is just shooting our cause in the foot. I think everyone, both straight and gay alike, should receive civil unions for legal recognition. Then, if the breeders want to invite Jesus to their party and call it a “marriage” fine, the rest of us would still be guaranteed the same rights and protectections…or do we just want to keep arguing over something so secondary. That’s just sour grapes.

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