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The Feltt x OMG.BLOG holiday gift guideThis is a guest post by our friends at The Feltt, a contemporary sexual health and wellness online store. Visit them at thefeltt.com or follow them on Instagram @thefeltt.

Here’s the thing—shopping for sexy things for your partner(s) can be enlightening, intimate and FUN, but one of the keys (and the tough part) to good gifting is finding something really thoughtful. So, ask if there’s something they’ve been curious about and wanting to try, or if there’s something that might help fulfill a desire of theirs.

It’s also a great idea to gift things that are luxe upgrades to totally practical and useful items, like something special your gift-ee may not splurge on when shopping for themselves.

There are plenty of items that get the job done, but why not splash out on the nicer lube or that gorgeous stainless steel toy?

After the jump, you’ll find a selection of our favourite sexy gift suggestions for the holidays.

Njoy Toys – From a selection ($109 – $149 CAD)

Widely considered to be the Cadillac of sex toys, Njoy products are constructed in solid, medical grade stainless steel and are intuitively and intentionally designed by a former mechanical engineer.

The weighty, mirror-polished toys feel incredibly luxurious, and are beautiful, sculptural, long-lasting, easy-to-clean and versatile, and they stand as classics 15 years on from the company’s founding.

Gift pack of Hathor/ SUTIL lube – From a selection ($18 – $32 CAD)

We’ve talked extensively about our favourite lubes at OMG.BLOG before, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we think an upgrade to your partner’s lube selection would make a fantastic stocking stuffer. Hathor/ SUTIL produces high-quality water-based personal lubricants formulated with 8-10 natural, botanically sourced ingredients.

Their Rich Body Glide formulation is pH balanced for the anus, has a thick viscosity for extra comfort and performs like silicone, without the silicone.

The Original and Luxe Body Glide formulations have medium and light viscosities and are pH balanced for vaginas.

FTM Pitstop – ShotPocket Pleasure Sleeve ($28 CAD)

It can be difficult to find affirming toys designed for trans, non-binary and GNC folks. Enter the ShotPocket, which is designed by FTM Pitstop for people who have been on testosterone and are experiencing bottom growth.

It’s a minimalistic and discreet toy that’s squishy and malleable, and features a ribbed core and suction effect when used with water-based lubricant.

ShotPocket is made of platinum silicone, making it durable, non-porous, non-toxic and body safe.

Fascinus Pendant & Fascinus Pendant with Pearl Necklace ($59 – $139 CAD)

Ward off the evil eye in humour and style with The Feltt’s classic Fascinus Pendant — now available with vintage glass pearl necklaces.

Booty & Penis Toys (from a selection, $19 – $149 CAD)

There’s a ton of variation in booty and penis toys, and most are versatile enough to be used in both solo and partnered situations. Remember that if you’re gifting sex toys to a partner, the item should reflect their needs and wants, or the desires you share as a couple (and not just your own desires).

Do some fun research and find out what intrigues them and what they’d like to try! Visit The Feltt at thefeltt.com.

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