!! OMG, Vanity Fair: Shawn Mendes teaches you Canadian slang, EH!? !!

Shawn Mendes, Pickering, Ontario native, schools you in Canadian slang. From “26” to “beauty,” Shawn will leave you saying “what you’ sayin” after this episode of Slang School. Check him oooot uhbove, eh!?

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7 Comments on "OMG, Vanity Fair: Shawn Mendes teaches you Canadian slang, EH!?"

  1. And now he’s whining and crying because people dare suggest he’s gay, and that he’s been through so much shit for this, and suffered! Barking up the wrong sympathy tree? I feel much more for people who ARE LGBTQ+ and being harassed and bullied, than people that are accused of it, like it’s a horrible thing. These are the same people that make up his paying audience. It seems like the LGBTQ+ family might consider boycotting this fool??

  2. He’s amazingly overrated, and he’s overdue to go away.
    Plus, just me or does he seem like a really boring fuck? No sex appeal, no talent, but I strongly suspect a BIG…. closet, if you know what I mean.

  3. Oh Shawn, honey. That hairdon’t has got to go.

  4. SHAWN……..
    “OVER RATED”………..

  5. Bruce Alexander | December 11, 2020 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    Hey lighten up. He IS cute (I think he’s gorgeous). He writes his own songs. He can really sing without artificial enhancements. Plus to top it off…..he’s CANADIAN!

  6. Omg, is this dude overrated. He’s cute, I totally get it, but his music is average pop garbage, at it’s very best.

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