!! Svedka’s gay pandering falls flat !!

(Image Source via Queerty)
This is what happens when the marketing department tries to cheap it out. Rather than create a new, sexy gay “man-bot” for their ads in New York’s gay Chelsea neighborhood, Svedka vodka decided just to keep its ubiquitous SVEDKA_GRL and throw the word “gay” in there.

I am insulted that someone thought I would find this ad appealing. If you can’t afford to spend a little extra money to render me a man-bot, I don’t need you, Svedka.

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3 Comments on "Svedka’s gay pandering falls flat"

  1. Yeah, it’s stupid, but the vodka is actually good, and cheap, so I’m still going to buy it.

  2. I hate how the majority of gay marketing is from alcohol companies. People shouldn’t be proud a company tries to tap into the gay market, they don’t care about gay people, they care about making money off us.
    Plus that robot is totally stupid advertising.

  3. It’s retarded but i love it. How many other vodkas do you know that mention “gay” in their marketing?

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