OMG, he’s naked: Xaver Hutter

Austrian actor Xaver Hutter is like a hairier and less modest version of Adam Brody, which I’m sure at least some of you can appreciate….

Rachel Bilson hates sex

(Image Source) There is no other explanation for her moving directly from ex-boyfriend Adam Brody to new flame Hayden Christensen. Look at Rachel feeding Hayden…

OMG, it’s over: ‘The OC’

So much has happened since summer 2003. I’ve changed, you’ve changed, Marissa Cooper changed and then got thrown from a speeding car to her death….

OMG, he’s shirtless: Adam Brody

I’m bad. I still haven’t seen any episodes of the new “dark” season of The OC, but I saw in the preview that violence-prone protagonist…