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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Drag Race UK icon Bimini drops a fire video for the punk-tinged ‘God Save This Queen’ !!

I mean… when you have major artists out there with huge financial support making crap videos — they don’t have much of an excuse when someone like Bimini (aka the drag Kate Moss of East London) shows up on the scene and puts their videos to shame! The production value and styling in this are HOT! Check out Bim’s queer punk-pop anthem ‘God! Save This Queen’ above~

!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Mighloe shares a beautiful live acoustic performance of ‘Cruel’ !!

Toronto-based singer & songwriter Mighloe‘s next leading single “Cruel” and EP “Desperate Times” are out June 1st to correlate with Black Music Month and Pride Month in Canada — and Mighloe is an emerging queer voice from both communities. When speaking on her inspiration behind her single “Cruel”, she tells us:

“Cruel is my empowerment. It is a reminder of who I once was; Broken. And of the strength it took to put myself back together. The resilience. I am better now. I am free. I am powerful. Your cruelness will never again take a toll on me.”

She has found solace and courage to come out through her music! Check out Mighloe’s live version of ‘Cruel above’! We love.

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