!! OMG, new music: ‘Disco Instamatic’ by Tanzer !!

Australian based DJ, singer, and artist Tanzer is back with a new collaborative video installation!

“Disco Instamatic” is a large-scale, hyper-color screen project. It features appearances from 20 stars of Melbourne’s dynamic queer arts scene, including The Huxleys, Karen From Finance, Atong Atem and more!

“Disco Instamatic is a glamorous time capsule that captures, elevates, and amplifies the icon within. In a breathless glittering moment- the viewer can come face to face with a superstar, in a vignette as intimate as it is dazzling.”

The video is produced by Sissy Screens, a Melbourne based queer film organization. It’s also underscored by Tanzer’s single “Deep Fried Disco,” describing a fictional disco utopia that’s surrounded by glamour, hope, and other queer people!

Watch the video after the jump!

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