!! OMG, Thanksgiving PIZZA?! !!

So, Macy’s Place Pizzeria in Buffalo, New York is known for its zany and wild, holiday-themed pizza. This Thanksgiving, the pizzeria is selling the Macy’s Day Parade Pizza, topped with gravy, turkey, mashers, stuffing, corn, and cranberry drizzle! Either this makes you wanna puke or it makes your belly sing! Check out some photos of this beauty and ANOTHER insanely festive menu item they have conjured up after the jump (NSFW if you work with Turkies)! Would you grab, OMG?

[via dlisted]

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3 Comments on "OMG, Thanksgiving PIZZA?!"

  1. Baked Thanksgiving vomit pie. The leftovers you don’t want to eat.

  2. I think it sounds delicious. E rrything is savory, then just a little sweet and tart. Like a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. No different than a barbecue chicken pizza, or chicken/bacon Alfredo pizza. I wish they were in LA.

  3. Albert Kundrat | November 19, 2021 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    Why is PIZZA the favorite Food for Fighter Aces? Becuase It’s P.I.Z.Z.A.: Piloting In Zesty Zones’Airspace!

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