!! This boy is irreplaceable !!

This little kid has some killer moves going on. Make sure you watch until the end when he pulls out all the stops. I want to know who was video taping this! (via Daniel Meredith)

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16 Comments on "This boy is irreplaceable"

  1. I didn’t find this video cute,creative or funny. It was a little too feminine for my taste.I would have enjoyed it much more if it had been a little girl.why are you people encouraging this little BOY doing these feminine movements and saying its cute,IT IS N0T KUTE.

  2. Oh my gosh this kid is amazing is all i have to say!

  3. beyonce think she can sing better
    than me. that bitch is crazy I’m the new R&B chick up in here. Oh and jay-z is my man now cuz I’m carring his baby!!!!!!!

  4. cute and really awesome, got a real future by dancing so keep working little man

  5. Little fagling in training… But nothing I say can top Sally’s comment. Brilliant!

  6. The kids cute, and can certainly entertain. I would strongly suggest the parents keep him a great distance from Michael Jackson.

  7. This is only cute because he’s young. In 15 years, he’ll be doing these same moves on a too-crowded dance floor and we’ll be looking on with pity and derision as he gets into a Flame Off with another uber-queer dancer and mistakenly fan-kicks drinks out of people’s hands.

  8. he’s really a great dancer! Hopefully he’ll stick to it ’cause he’s really talented.

  9. I think this kid is amazing. This video was posted on some other site and the responses were so VIOLENTLY hateful I was almost in tears. It’s so sad that this kid will eventually learn to repress this part of himself: whether it’s his gender expression, sexuality or both.
    But for now I am going to stand in awe of how fucking badass this kid is!

  10. Fabulous… Who recorded it? I’m guessing it wasn’t his father…unless his momma is Star Jones

  11. What a great kid. How wonderful it is to be free and creative at a young age. It’s unfortunate so many of you adults can’t allow this kid to be just that.. a kid. Your disrespectful comments say more about your own issues than anything.

  12. “O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E You own… everything.”

  13. This kid is so gay he makes Mario Cantone seem butch!

  14. Chuck Martens | April 6, 2007 at 10:42 am | Reply

    I’m glad to see that the FFA (Future Fags of America) membership is going strong! It makes me happy to know that we have such great replacements in the ranks.

  15. This boy will definitely make a great back-up dancer for some future pop star. My favorite moment is when he throws himself up against the back wall several times. My second favorite is the person who is walking in front of the camera with little to no reaction.

  16. LOL the newest memeber of Future Queens of America?

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