!! Victoria Beckham loves the camera, drunk !!

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I think my main criticism of Victoria Beckham has been that she always seems a bit uptight. Not in these photos. She is showing us just what a good time gal she is, and I want more! MORE!

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3 Comments on "Victoria Beckham loves the camera, drunk"

  1. Posh Spice tries the baggy look

    Lest it be said that I am nothing but mean, I would like everyone to know that aside from her stupid hat, I think Victoria Beckham looks cool in this photo. The pants are very “cute little boy street urchin,” which is a great look. Plus she has no dro…

  2. you gotta give us for the lady beckham. she married one of the finest studs on the planet earth.
    i would like to get drunk with her and her hubby.
    jack jett

  3. HAHAHAHA those pictures made me laugh.

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