!! Pete Doherty gives drugs to teenage addicts !!

Not only is he obviously not “rehabilitating” in rehab, junkie singer and boyfriend (fiance?) of Kate Moss Pete Doherty is encouraging his fellow addicts, and underage ones at that, to continue using. He was allegedly giving cocaine to teenagers in the youth wing of the rehab clinic, and will probably face charges upon leaving. (via WOW Report)
At least he wasn’t showing them his scary penis [NSFW]. That is something so dreadful that only Kate should be allowed to see it.

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2 Comments on "Pete Doherty gives drugs to teenage addicts"

  1. Now THAT’s funny….

  2. Well, figures. He’s probably never gonna kick out of it. Giving it to others, and especially teenagers is not going to be good for public opinion of him, to say the least…
    hope he’ll get life sentence 😉


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