!! OMG, VP Mike Pence tours Mayo Clinic without protective face mask even though he was told to wear one !!


Wow! How can the government expect the US to follow safety protocol when their top authority won’t even follow the rules themselves. How disrespectful to all of the healthcare workers and patients at this hospital. Check out VP Pence mask-less above!

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10 Comments on "OMG, VP Mike Pence tours Mayo Clinic without protective face mask even though he was told to wear one"

  1. Androids can’t catch a virus.

  2. I’m sure Donnie told him “no mask”.

  3. Well….It’s better than hiding out in the basement like another VP.

    • No, it isn’t. Intentionally edangering a hospital full of sick people as well as himself is in no way better than staying his ass at home.

  4. James Groves | April 29, 2020 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    The Hospital should have told him no mask no entering the wards. I don’t care if he is VP he has no right to go without a mask

  5. Wear a mask? And cover that glorious face? They won’t even need to embalm him he’s so stiff already.

  6. Oh the irony. Can’t count on both hands how many times those on the left have worn their masks wrong. Not to mention Nancy wiping her nose at the podium and then touching it. But of course we are supposed to keep that quiet. Transparency.

    • This has nothing to do with left or right, you fucking knuckledragger. This has to do with someone touring a hospital full of very sick people in the middle of a pandemic and refusing to follow said facility’s strict masking procedures that are required of all staff, visitors, and medically-able patients. If he was anyone else, he would’ve been denied entry at the door; and if Gianrico had any balls, he would’ve told him to tour the facility from the sidewalk.

  7. Perhaps he has been selected to be one of those “sacrifices” much of the GOP is talking about so as to get this country back to work. Or maybe his faith in that white-bearded, mythical man that lives in the clouds will keep him from getting COVID-19. Either way, chances are even higher now that he’ll contract it and hopefully spread it throughout the rest of that science non-believers, corrupt administration.

    • If you’re right, Todd Cooper, Trump should have gone along. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise from the most lawless, corrupt administration since the Nixon White House.

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