!! OMG, welcome to brown town: VV Brown’s ‘Samson’ !!

The last time VV wrote a record, she ended up ditching the whole thing as she found as a “sonic photograph” it no longer represented how she felt at the time of near-completing it.
She has since explored her love of environmental, ethical fashion through her e-commerce company vvvintage, and having caught the business bug and feeling a sense of too much comfort to be creative she then quit her label to launch her own under the banner ‘YOY’, which scared the crap out of her enough to spark real creativity in order to produce her upcoming record ‘Samson & Delilah’ which is due out this September and includes an accompanying 15 minute short film.
Her first single from the album, ‘Samson’ which you can watch below is out in mid July.

VV spoke to HungerTV [HERE] about her time away from music, her love of film and her changing attitude towards what makes a good song:

“I used to listen to a song and think how can this be a “hit record” but now I listen to a record and it’s all about how it makes me feel…I think I was so consumed in the business of things I had forgotten what it felt like to just listen.” 

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