!! OMG, WATCH: Waitress goes viral for clapping back at pervy homophobic customer !!

SONDRA!! We are fans, hunnie!!

Don’t mess with a waitress from Long Island! A couple of Tik Toks showing a waitress (and our new hero) at the Massapequa Diner in Long Island kicking out a creepy customer after he allegedly tried hitting on a group of underage girls then made homophobic and sexist remarks are going viral.

“You’re not wanted here,” the waitress, identified as Sondra Albert, is heard telling the man after accusing him of making offensive comments about LGBTQ people.

“You’re a pedophile and freak and you deserve to be locked up in Bellevue. And that’s all I gotta say and I’m asking you nicely.”

Speaking to the New York Post, Albert explains,

“I’ve been a waitress for 15 years. You get your occasional drunk people, but nothing like this man. It’s a different kind of abuse and I’ve never exploded like that before.”

She adds,

“He’s not a person we want in the diner. If he comes back the cops will come. He’s a danger.”

Check out her read of the century after the jump in two parts! Loves it.

[via queerty]

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  1. Ugh. Another Karen making a fuss!

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