!! OMG, WATCH: What if “IT” the clown was gay? !!

The queeniest clown of the sewers is here to seduce and terrify digital gayfluencers Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell, Max Emerson, Tony Directs and Ruba Wilson! Check out Michael Henry as IT the gay clown above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: What if “IT” the clown was gay?"

  1. Have they not heard the name John Wayne Gacy who killed 33+ teenage boys within a 6-year period in the 70’s. Over a dozen were buried in a crawl space under his house with lye to dissolve their flesh. America doesn’t need a reminder of what this gay man did to those boys. He was literally the first clown serial killer.

    • Omg you’re right, and I’m sure there have been serial killers that have worn sunglasses, so we better not have any videos with those in them, and hey over 645 people were killed by trees last year alone, so make sure none of those are in there. Oh and every single serial killer has been a human! You better call YouTube and tell them to take down all videos with humans in them. Seriously, get a grip, and a get a sense of humor.

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