!! OMG, why do North Americans say ‘LIKE’ after every other word?! !!

LIKE, totally gag me with a spoon! Why is it that, like, Americans can’t seem to get, like, enough of, like, the word, ‘like’? Find out above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, why do North Americans say ‘LIKE’ after every other word?!"

  1. The over use of “like” is the fundamental thing I razz young people about. It’s EPIC. Nothing makes someone sound less intelligent more than likelikelikelikelikeing. I’ve not hired people because they were incapable of artuclationg a sentence without likelikelikeing 50x in a moment of interviewing. Stop these kids. It’s embarassing.

  2. And now can we have an explanation for why all these young women featured in the video are afflicted with the dreaded VOCAL FRY??!! I FIND THAT JUST AS ANNOYING!

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