!! Women tennis players win less at Wimbledon !!

Wimbledon is the one tennis tournament in the world that awards the female winners less money than their male counterparts, and the annual debate over the issue is bubbling again. I never realized exactly how large the discrepancy was until today when Pam clarified things for me: male singles and doubles players will receive over £600,000 more than the women.
That’s insane, especially when players like Maria Sharapova (pictured above) are the main reason most people other than gay men watch tennis (for the “why,” see above photo). I would prefer to watch Marat Safin play an underwear match against Andy Roddick any day, but as my “minority status” reveals, that’s not where the money’s at. The money is in the sexy-banana-eating ladies and their woman drama, and for that reason, a writer at Sports Illustrated argues they should perhaps even be paid more money than the men.

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