!! OMG, WATCH: X-MEN ’97 opener is here, officially premieres on DIsney+ !!

Hey, gays! Ready for an injection of nostalgia? The sequel series to X-Men: The animated series has officially premiered with 2 episodes as of today! Check out the opener to the show which they essentially revamped and kept the same, and find the release schedule for episodes after the jump!

The release schedule will be:
Episode 1 (To Me, My X-Men) – March 20
Episode 2 (Mutant Liberation Begins) – March 20
Episode 3 (Fire Made Flesh) – March 27
Episode 4 (Motendo / Lifedeath Pt 1) – April 3
Episode 5 (Remember It) – April 10
Episode 6 (Lifedeath Pt 2) – April 17
Episode 7 (Bright Eyes) – April 24
Episode 8 (Tolerance Is Extinction Pt 1) – May 1
Episode 9 (Tolerance Is Extinction Pt 2) – May 8
Episode 10 (Tolerance Is Extinction Pt 3) – May 15

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3 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: X-MEN ’97 opener is here, officially premieres on DIsney+"

  1. Why are they doing this. Where can I find the original series. The opener looks like it’s supposed to be the original. So basic. And off topic where can I watch the original sailor moon.

    • Too old to navigate the internet, or complete one thought before starting another?

      It’s actually a really decent continuation of the X-Men Animated Series, using a lot of the same voice actors we loved like Storm, Rogue & Wolverine.. but continuing a lot of the best stories from the comics that the original series didnt have a chance to cover.

      It was written, and directed by a (very hot) gay super-fan who expertly aligned the persecution of mutants with the persecution of gays, and other minorities without hitting you on the head with it. Well written, but still with cheesy one-liners to keep it classic. We need stories like these right now, because of what’s happening in America.

      Research, the object of your begrudging before you go off on the internet like a noisy boomer brain-washed by Fox, letting rip whatever uninformed opinion he has to whomever will listen.

      The only criticism this series has been getting is from right-wingers who can’t handle the fact that they literally grew up to be the villains of the series. This continuation will celebrate the gay, non-binary, and black characters in a way the original wouldn’t.

      The original Sailor Moon was amazing, but it also had a lot of toxic themes for young women, and they edited out all gay and trans characters. They let them exist in the new version this past decade.

      But if you are feeling nostalgic for a time when minorities had less rights, but can’t find the original Sailor Moon on the whole interweb, you should probably just pop that Lipitor, & enter assisted-living.

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