!! Yoda’s private moments !!

Ever wonder how Yoda managed to live alone in the swamp for so many years in complete monastic celibacy? It has been recently suggested that he did not, and in fact he has a “dark side” to himself as well!
Some quotes overheard from outside his hut:

1. The dark side I sense in you. Turn over.

2. Grave danger you are not in. Hurt it will not. Obsessed I am with your ass.

3. Trust me. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny! Two fingers I will start with.

4. Okay. Do or do not, there is no try. Spice things up this does! Cosmo I read it in. That is your magazine is it not?

5. Impatient you are. Takes time this pill I took. Nervous you are now making – and work it won’t now. Bathroom do you have?

6. Strong am I with the force. Size matters not.

7. Consume you it will. Consume you it will! Yes!

(via Popbitch)

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