!! OMG, kiss, but don’t tell: Atlantis and Royal Caribbean’s new gay-targeted social media policy !!

In what is sure to interrupt the gay-cruise-to-OnlyFans content pipeline, Atlantis Events, in conjunction with Royal Caribbean, has announced a strict ban on posting sexually explicit content from its ships on social media.

Personally, Cookie would rather not know what goes on below deck, but the prohibition and its punishment feels a bit draconian, plus it targets only LGBTQ+ cruises.

Just short of walking you off the plank, offenders will be “asked to leave the ship with no refund.”

More about the new policy here.

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7 Comments on "OMG, kiss, but don’t tell: Atlantis and Royal Caribbean’s new gay-targeted social media policy"

  1. Scandalous!

  2. Do they need people to screen content being posted?

    • Every post I try and make usually doesn’t happen. This site is heavily censored to the point I may be removing it from my go-to sites in the future. What is the point?

  3. Honestly, this policy seems pretty reasonable when you actually get down to it. Having been on this cruise and having enjoyed myself very much, I would be mortified if I was in the background of some of the videos I have seen other boys take. This has nothing to do with sex shaming and more to do with consent of those around them. I don’t want to end up I the background of someones video even if their acts do not offend me in the slightest. I can also understand the Atlantis and Royal Caribbean team’s decisions to say “don’t do lewd acts on our logos.” They aren’t saying they can’t film or engage in sexual acts. It is about location and consent. This is coming from a “circuit queen” too. Y’all are just trying to create drama with this post and headline.

  4. So who the hell is Cookie? And why are they referring to themselves in the third person in every article?Anyway, Will is over this.

  5. I was hoping to read the highlights from “Happy Hour on the Chlamydia Deck”

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