!! Clay Aiken brings sexy back !!

There are not words to describe what Clay Aiken is doing in this video. No, you pervs, he isn’t barebacking anybody! It’s just concert footage from a couple weeks ago in Newark, but what amazing footage it is.
See another unspeakable Clay-in-concert moment after the jump. (Thanks to Daniel M. for the tip!)

Listen to Clay “coo.” He’s like a big, gay infant.

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9 Comments on "Clay Aiken brings sexy back"

  1. Wow. That made my day. Well, except for the first one. It creeped me out and I couldn’t watch any more. lol
    I don’t know what his problem is. Yes coming out is hard, but it doesn’t seem like he has that far to go. We’ve found out about him hooking up online, I’ve never heard his name and “girlfriend” in the same sentence yet, and now this. He’s like one of those “technical” virgins.
    Clay, I hope your triflin’ behind is reading this. (whic would not surprise me. at. all.)

  2. This is just disturbing. I don’t know what else to say about it. Are the screams from the audience screams of delight or fear?

  3. Wow…and to think that there are still people on this planet that think he’s a hetero!

  4. he’s really gay..

  5. How he has a fan base I have no idea.

  6. wow, he IS gay right????

  7. eugh jesus just say it already
    and p.s. there was never sexy for him to bring back anyway

  8. Alan down in Florida | August 17, 2007 at 1:44 pm | Reply

    Clay Gayken plays West Palm Beach tomorrow and the picture in today’s paper has him looking like the long lost twin sister of k.d. lang. Shame he can’t sing 1/50 as well as she does. Maybe if he came out his love songs with be even slightly believable. He’s like Liberace or Barry Manilow for the new century without the talent of either.

  9. wow. that’s more gay then a pump’n’dump.

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