!! OMG, Cuomo to red-state governors seeing COVID-19 surges: ‘You played politics with this virus and you lost’ !!

Since half of the states and the commander-in-chief would rather kill off hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people in order to give the economy a small momentary boost, they’ve began to see a HUGE uptick in COVID cases across the red states which flat-out ignored the science.

New York governor Cuomo, who oversaw the deaths of thousands of people in his own state, decided he was the one to make this critique.

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13 Comments on "OMG, Cuomo to red-state governors seeing COVID-19 surges: ‘You played politics with this virus and you lost’"

  1. Marcus Allen | June 26, 2020 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    That’s bullshit he is the LAST Person to say anything after killing thousands of people in nursing homes. Why did he allow positive Covid-19 people back into nursing homes and Long care homes? If you defend that scum bag to make a swipe at Republicans, you must be paid by him. Nobody can defend that fool.

  2. 8 years of Obama/Biden. Why now?

    • Why now what, Trump Mole? Why now a pandemic that is getting worse when it should be getting better? Maybe because your precious TV actor pretending to be a president disbanded Obama’s pandemic task force, tells people not to wear masks and refuses to admit that there’s a pandemic. Why does he do these things? Because he’s an idiot that doesn’t know the first thing about running a country. 8 yrs of Obama/Biden was amazing compared to this turd presidency. Never thought I would say this, but Even 8 years of Bush was better than these last 3.5 yrs.
      Russia bot, this sad attempt at manipulation may work on his moronic base of uneducated rednecks, but your crap doesn’t work here, Trump Mole….you’re not smart enough to accomplish whatever agenda you have. Keep trying though, its fun to watch you fail.

  3. Way to completely miss the point Ashley.

    • What is Ashley missing? Cumo is a turd.

      • What are you missing that you actually think anyone on this site is listening to you. You are a transparent Trump Mole who can’t spell…I doubt you even know who Governor Cuomo is and the only reason you’re commenting is because you think you can influence readers and turn them against the Democrats. As I have already pointed out, you don’t have the intelligence to influence anyone.

  4. Ashley Nicks | June 25, 2020 at 2:05 pm | Reply

    Here we go again– a politician is dying to be right when people are truly dying. When are we going to cross party lines and work together to end disease, poverty and injustice. Never!! We live in a sick society. Thank you for your contributions to the derision, Gov. Cuomo.

    • Did you even watch the video? Gov Cuomo has been working hard to lower the curve. He’s calling out Republicans who are making the situation worse…because somebody has to. From the fake president down, the GOP is pretending that the pandemic is over, so please, “Ashley Nicks”, explain to us how Gov Cuomo is dying to be right. He’s not dying to be right, he is right, comrade.
      Numbers of new infections are going up in the US, while the rest of the world is going down. Its a politician’s job to look out for the best interests of the people and that’s what Cuomo is doing, while Trump and his New Nazi Party are sitting back and letting people die…Hell, they’re not just sitting back, they’re actively killing people by telling them not to wear masks and go back to work.The reason they’re doing this is because Trump’s only chance of winning against Biden is if there’s a strong economy…if no one is working, that just won’t happen. Trump’s actions prove one thing, he only cares about himself.
      I’m guessing this is our resident Trump Troll using a different name. Chris, is this you, comrade?

      • Cuomo is doing a great job of pointing fingers to distract from his scandal of mandating that covid patients be shoved into Nursing homes with the most vulnerable people.

        • Okay. So you are trying to distract us by bringing up one mistake his office made…I’ll give that. Sure why not? Would you like me to compile a list of every single blundering, negligent infraction committed by the Trump White House? His most recent blunder of sucking up to the Russian dictator and ignoring that fact that Russia is paying to have US soldiers killed is quite a doozy. Every few days, Trump is doing something to fuck up, and just when that fuck up is dying down in the news, the incompetent ass hole goes and does something else to fuck up. So, comrade, do your best, because I would just love to compile a list of every single Trump fuck up for everyone to read.

    • Do you know who causes derision, Trump when he threatens people who want to take down a racist statue, but does nothing when white cops kill unarmed black men or when domestic terrorist groups like the KKK spread their hate speech. You need to STFU.

      • Racist statue like Lincoln freeing enslaved people?
        Cop, of all colors, killing black men in Democrat strongholds like Minneapolis, Baltimore, Chicago?

        • Really, comrade? Is that the best you can do? Trump is an endless supply of ammo…everyday there is something new that we can use against him, so your sad and pathetic bot attempt at distracting people will not work here. We are not his brain dead base that falls for the bull crap of some Russian bot, posing as a concerned citizen.

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