!! OMG, it’s playable: ‘Doom’ on a Lego brick !!

Tilt Doom on a Lego brick by Ancient JamesRemember how impressive the 3-D gore of Doom was when it came out? Slashing through the bloody hellscape, leaving scores of demons in your wake used to require a screaming fast gaming PC or, more recently, a gaming console hooked up to a monitor or TV.

Enter Lego builder and innovator Ancient James, who has packed an entirely playable Doom experience into a single Lego brick, no controller required. Just tilt it!

Watch his incredible creation in action after the jump!


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2 Comments on "OMG, it’s playable: ‘Doom’ on a Lego brick"

  1. When I saw this post I literally had to double check I was on OMG Blog….what is with these shit posts?

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