!! OMG, they’re coming for us: Gal Palz !!

Gal Palz XXX Trauma Crime Investigators
Last week, we reviewed the Gal Palz YouTube show and Instagram account (@gal__palz). We had only praise and enthusiasm for their work, but the ladies behind the show were NOT pleased to hear it.

Evidently, we crossed a boundary with the Gal Palz, and they have a lot to say about it. Although listening is discouraged, you can hear it all in the first episode of their new podcast XXX Trauma Crime Investigations.

In the inaugural episode, the Gal Palz delve deep into the OMG.BLOG identity and tear us apart in just eleven minutes. If you, like us, are a fan of Dr. Jenessa Kookoolori Flaunders Mill, there is also a guest appearance by her. Our only advice is to stop listening before the end or you will feel pathetic.

Check out the pod after the jump if you must!

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