!! OMG, how gay: Fratboys !!

(Video somewhat NSFW)
I finally saw the Guys Gone Wild video in a bar a few years ago, and it was the most boring thing I had ever seen. Tiny, flaccid penises bouncing around against shaved pubic regions is not my idea of a “wild time,” but somehow the creator of this YouTube video montage manages to salvage some sexiness from it all. Plus he put it to the soundtrack it should have had from the beginning. The video is borderline NSFW, but I think it should be fine. (Thanks to Phil for the tip!)

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8 Comments on "OMG, how gay: Fratboys"

  1. I loved this video and am sad that Youtube took it down. Does anyone have a copy of it or know where I can get a copy?

  2. I thought you should know, when you click on the video all you get is a message that reads “Video is no longer available.”

  3. hey dave. it means Not Safe For Work. But it’s probably already too late and you’re in trouble right now. =P

  4. What does NSFW mean? What does that stand for?

  5. Keith Patterson | January 11, 2007 at 11:53 pm | Reply

    Gotta Tell You by Samantha Mumba.

  6. Sexy, fun video – thanks! I love that song, too. Anyone know what it is?

  7. These guys are about as straight as George Michael!

  8. I agree, out of the whole bunch 1 of them has a decent size cock! And lets stop with the shaving already! These guys are more gay then I or any of my friends could ever be! There was a whole lot of boring sex walking around in that video.

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