!! Jade on MySpace! !!

Either America’s Next Top Model contestant Jade has harnessed the power of the Internet or someone is playing a really funny joke by creating her official MySpace profile. I suspect the latter, but maybe… Oh I don’t even dare to hope that it could be real. From her “about me” section:

My ambition’s- My DRIVE to succeed is endless… Modeling in New York has been very competitive…. My look is very unique, very strong and very different. So being bi-racial with an Indian heritage, has had it’s ??? In the modeling industry,??? “What do we do with this girl?? Mostly from a marketing stand point, I felt really misunderstood, and although this business tend’s to dwell on stereotyping, I rasie the bar being me -JADE- the’ unstoppable!!!

I really want to read her blog entry titled “DEEPNESS,” but it can only be read by her friends. Hopefully she adds me soon!

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