!! Lesbian infiltrates the Japanese government !!

This is Kanako Otsuji, Japan’s first openly gay politican. She’s in the Osaka city assembly right now, but she has her sights set on the federal parliament. So far public reaction has been positive, probably because of her message:

I think there is a tendency to put forward one set of values and make it seem as though that is the only beautiful or right way. But the reality is becoming more diverse. Japanese society is not engaging with the wide range of people living in diverse ways, in terms of nationality, race, sex, age and disabilities.

(via Queerty)

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4 Comments on "Lesbian infiltrates the Japanese government"

  1. why can’t we ever see past appearance? she is the first lesbian politician who is working in a conservative environment and culture and the only thing that comes to mind is her teeth?
    *sigh* this is the culture that we live in. i am, like, totally excited for the future.

  2. Yeah, great post. I have discussion about gay rights in the forum of LDate.com, most lesbians think the key to let people accept their lifestyle should be education. Government should give gay/lesbian equal rights on marriage.

  3. She must remember to brush and photoshop every morning.
    In miss Kanako’s defense, this picture does her more justice- http://www.ebar.com/images/articles/09_japaneselesbian_27_lrg.jpg

  4. Her teeth are really awful! What has she been eating? 😉

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