!! ‘Lord of the Rings” musical is a resounding failure !!

I never saw it, but the idea of the Lord of the Rings musical always struck me as a little odd. Since the books were so long that they inspired three long movies, how is it possible to squeeze the whole story into a few hours including musical numbers? Friends who saw the Toronto production told me the revolving stage was pretty cool, but the costumes looked silly and they were ultimately bored. So were critics, and more importantly, audiences, and so the show will close on Sept. 3, meaning that the $15 million invested in the show has vaporized, and according to the show’s producer, “will have to be recouped in London.”
Lord of the Rings will open in London next June, and the producers are hoping that Brits warm to the idea more than the Canadian audiences. There were murmurs of the show going to Broadway before it flopped in Toronto, but no one has mentioned that recently. It is a sad day in Hobbitville.

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