!! Michelle Rodriguez loved jail !!

Michelle Rodriguez in court
After choosing to spend five days in jail over doing 240 hours of community service, Lost star Michelle Rodriguez is a transformed woman, believing her drunk driving charge and subsequent punishment were all part of her “destiny,” and she explains, “It was so cool. I love people, and it was a primal crew. The only thing that keeps them going is fighting for salt and making dice out of soap.”
She had a blast with the other inmates, “”Drawing pictures for everybody on their shirts. Writing poetry. And singing show tunes with the girls… I’m not surprised they kicked me out early.” But let’s take away the most important lesson from this turn of events: that Michelle is one tough bitch:

I represent the people, you know what I mean? If somebody picks on me, they’ll get what’s coming. I didn’t have to handle myself is what I’m saying. I had love in there. People got where I’m coming from.

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  1. And for all that contrition, she gets herself SHOT off the show… (my neighbors have no idea why I’m screaming at the TV on Wednesday nights). Heckuva dream-sequence appearance for her yesterday; but I’m getting batty counting all the various hatches on that island now…

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