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!! OMG, just in time for Halloween: Italian horror masters Goblin announce North American Tour & new EP !!

Italian horror masters Goblin have just announced an extended North American tour this October, along with a brand new EP.
While horror fans have known of their music for decades, their song ‘Tenebrae‘ is probably best known for being that song that Justice sampled on Phantom (It’s the title track of the Dario Argento film of the same name that came out five years after Suspiria), and Wu-Tang Clan members, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah have also sampled Goblin in the past. From A.V. Club:

The group has re-recorded four of its classic tracks–“Profondo Rosso,” “Roller,” “Suspiria,” and “Tenebrae“–and will include them on a new EP, which comes complete with cover art by Nightmare On Elm Street and Evil Dead designer Graham Humphreys.

British label, Death Waltz Recordings, who have been reissuing some incredible horror soundtracks lately on limited-edition vinyl (Donnie Darko, They Live, and Let The Right One In), are set to release Goblin‘s new EP on October 15th.
Check out Goblin‘s new trailer for their album above, and their new North American tour dates after the jump:


!! OMG, it’s the most tragical place on Earth!: ‘Escape From Tomorrow’ is an unauthorized Fantasy-Horror shot secretly inside Disneyland !!

My idea of The Dark Side of Disney has always been standing in line in the Park for hours, in the sweltering heat, while a mother loudly warns her child, “Skyler” that she’s about to put him back on the child-leash. Big Mama Becca won’t stop for Churros if she has to count down from 3 again.
Though, a different — and yes — even darker side of Disney was chronicled back in 2010 in an Independant article, ‘The Dark Side Of Disney‘, which basically paints the workers as having the deadly sads, while they pass out from heat exhaustion in their costumes.

But, on the funner and less serious side of things, a new independent guerrilla-style film, shot entirely inside the Disney Parks will take the park around the twisted bend again. According to laughingsquid:

The most provocative film from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW should not exist, and yet it does. Like nothing you’ve ever seen, Randy Moore’s directorial debut is a bold and ingenious trip into the happiest place on earth.
An epic battle begins when a middle-aged American husband and father of two learns that he has lost his job. Keeping the news from his nagging wife and wound-up children, he packs up the family and embarks on a full day of park hopping amid enchanted castles and fairytale princesses. Soon, the manufactured mirth of the fantasy land around him begins to haunt his subconscious. An idyllic family vacation quickly unravels into a surrealist nightmare of paranoid visions, bizarre encounters, and an obsessive pursuit of a pair of sexy teenage Parisians. Chillingly shot in black and white, ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW dissects the mythology of artificial perfection while subversively attacking our culture’s obsession with mass entertainment.

Check out the trailer for Escape From Tomorrow after the jump:


!! OMG, That 70’s Big Brother?: Underground home built during the Cold War is for sale! !!

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 8.50.27 PM.png
Paranoia will destroy ya, but it will almost make you build some major underground glamour! Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson, a wealthy businessman, built this underground family home in Las Vegas in 1978 to withstand a nuclear blast. Apparently, Henderson was convinced that things with the Soviets weren’t going to end well in the Cold War, equipping the house to allow it to be lived in for up to a year without resurfacing.
You enter the house via an elevator camouflaged by clusters of rocks, and won’t miss the outside world at all because according to Messyness Chic:

The “garden” includes a four-hole putting green, a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, dance floor, bar, BBQ (camouflaged in a rock) and adjustable light settings for “sunset,” “day,” “dusk” and “night”. The night setting comes complete with twinkling stars.

The house was lost to foreclosure last summer so you can pick it up today for a cool $1.7 million. Check out more photos after the jump.


!! OMG, they’re bringin’ Skeksis back: ‘The Dark Crystal’ scent line revealed at Dragoncon !!

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 1.46.35 AM.png
With so many celebrity fragrance lines appearing on the market today, who better than to sell out next than Kira from The Dark Crystal? (It was only a matter of time with those cheekbones.)
I don’t blame her though. These days everyone in Hollywood already seems to be getting mixed up in the “dark crystal” (I’m looking at you Aaron Carter), and Lady Gaga has been stealing the UrSkeks’‘ style for years. Why not put some money back into Kira’s pocket?
The folks over at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab obviously are on the same page, because this past week at Dragoncon, they revealed 4 new fragrances from their new The Dark Crystal scent line. The elements of the fourth fragrance could make Boy George‘s landlord blush! Check out the new bottles and each fragrances’ components after the JUMP:


!! OMG, log lady jams: David Lynch remixes John Foxx & Jori Hulkonnen’s ‘Evangeline’ !!

If Audrey Horne had grown-up in today’s world, she would still be turning it out with her 50’s-meets-80’s inspired looks. She’d still be able to cast her spell on Cooper by shaking it at some diner to a Lynch-esque tune, though this time, to the sound of Ultravoxx‘s John Foxx and Finnish producer, Jori Hulkonnen.
Recently, filmmaker David Lynch remixed the duo’s main track from their European Splendour EP by adding his signature dark and atmospheric, padded-out touch to it.
Have a listen to the remix below. Even the Log Lady is into it!

BONUS: Check out The Twin Peaks Archive, a huge collection of downloadable b-sides and demos Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti produced during the making of the series that never saw the light of day.

!! OMG, this better happen: Disney might be making ‘Life Size 2’ !!

This is the biggest news of my life. And sadly, I’m not joking. As an avid Disney Channel watcher in my younger, more impressionable years, there was nothing I loved more than re-runs of Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan sharing the small screen together for that Barbie-comes-to-life B movie, “Life Size.” But apparently, I wasn’t the only one. So many people have continued to watch rebroadcasts (2.4 million viewers on average) that Disney is reportedly in talks to develop a sequel. Will both Banks and Lohan reprise their roles?!

Because, um, Lindsay ain’t lookin’ so fresh and freckle-faced these days…
[via jezebel]

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