!! OMG, ban it: Overhead lighting !!

no overheads

Trust me, Cookie fresh, Cookie tight, Cookie sweet, but what Cookie is most certainly NOT is happy about the LED pot lights in my hookup’s bedroom last night.

This is right up there with no wire hangers children! Repeat after me: No Overhead Lighting!

As the good people doing the work at @carljungmemes suggest, “embrace literally anything else.”

Trades, I’m looking to you—electricians I mean—to save us from this ghastly epidemic that has claimed far too many ambient, sensual moments.


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2 Comments on "OMG, ban it: Overhead lighting"

  1. So we should go around squinting and straining our eyes because you can’t accept that you’re hideous? How George Santos of you…

  2. Just in case you weren’t aware there’s this thing called a light switch that, you know, let’s you turn lights you don’t want on, to off.

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