!! OMG, don’t touch that dial: KNFW and the new season of Nymphowars !!

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If you’re looking for some light-hearted chaos today (you are), why not listen to the newest episode of our favorite podcast NYMPHOWARS?

This season on the pod, hosts Macy Rodman and Theda Hammel have started their own talk radio channel KNFW, where they shoot the breeze and often get famous guests stopping by or even helping out (hi, Madonna!), plus shill some very special sponsors (you won’t discover Our Little Secret unless you listen).

In the latest episode, see what happens when Macy gets a little too high and starts tripping all over the room as Theda reads her news headlines, only to be interrupted by Matthew McConaughey himself! Listen to the episode on Apple, Spotify or your fav app.

If you really love KNFW, you can shop their super stupid merch.

KNFW Nymphowars sweatshirt

For more Macy, check out her OMG.BLOG Q&A.

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