!! OMG, a contest: ‘Pray the Gay Away’ by the Zakar Twins !!

Pray the Gay Away by the Zakar Twins

Enter to win a signed copy of Pray the Gay Away, the new memoir by Instagram stars Michael and Zach Zakar (@ZakarTwins).

Pray the Gay Away is the eccentric coming out story of the Zakar Twins, as they face awkward sexual encounters, drug-fueled escapades, coming out to each other, and their biggest foe, Mom.

The book is out now and available at Amazon.

THE CONTEST: Why did the Twins’ mom try to force-feed them grapes? (There is a hint on Instagram).

THE RULES: Please email your contest entry along with your full name, North American shipping address, and telephone number to [email protected]. All personal information is collected in accordance with our privacy policy.

Five lucky winners will receive a signed copy of Pray the Gay Away. The winners will be announced on our Facebook page next week.

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