!! OMG, godfather of gay conversion therapy is now openly-gay and speaks in first interview !!

He was a leader of the controversial ‘gay conversion therapy’ movement in the United States – so it came as a shock when David Matheson publicly came out as gay. So much damage done! Check out his interview above! The look on the interviewer’s face says it all.

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6 Comments on "OMG, godfather of gay conversion therapy is now openly-gay and speaks in first interview"

  1. Honestly at least he’s admitting that what he did was wrong im not saying forgive him quickly but we also have to understand that this man is 57 years old so when he was growing up he didn’t know how to handle it bcuz back in those days they always thought that bcuz of the “Bible” they assumed that it was wrong and shameful and try to convert to be something their not.

  2. There is a question not being asked about some of the “methods” he discusses having used.

    Yes, he says he’s ashamed and embarrassed about some of the things mentioned (lots of nudity, required holding of other men, etc.). He says he doesn’t know how this stuff came from his mind and that the methods didn’t work. However, are we supposed to assume that all this time those methods were him “trying his best to help”? Yes misguided, yes embarrassing in hindsight… but the intention was good?

    I am skeptical… to me I think this was a man of power using that power to manipulate young men into acts that he was sexually aroused by. Is this not only wrong for the whole “conversion” element… but also wrong for the fact that his “good intentions” were really predatory behavior?

  3. I can’t even watch the video in full cause I am so disgusted by him. Nevertheless, I am quite happy that he found the courage to come out, no matter what mental toll it has given his subjects, one way or another this has still sent a message that the perpetuated Gay conversion tgerapy is just a piece of bull. Now we watch his consequences.

  4. Why are you giving this idiot a platform by drawing attention to him.?! I don’t give a rat’s a$$ what this man has to say about anything. He needs to apologize to the LGBTQ community for the years of damage he caused. Until then, he should be shunned and ridiculed.

  5. Michael A. Smith | February 6, 2019 at 6:43 pm | Reply

    It is Christians and their treatment of gays that make me believe in hell. Nothing else makes sense. It will take an eternity to judge these right-wing religious bigots for their self-righteousness.

  6. W.O.W…shocking! Who wouldathunk!

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