!! OMG, Happy Hump Day! Hosted by the Dobre Brothers’ sad-ass meet-n-greet !!

This disheartening video has gone viral, it showcases a bunch of douches called the dobre brothers? from vine and internet fame charging fans for meet and greets and not even acknowledging the fans or speaking to them. In the video posted below they could care less to be there and the fan felt the awkwardness she was prompted to apologize for just being there to pay and meet them. TO make matter worst the one in red pretends to swat the fan away. After getting bombarded with hate on the internet the assholes issue an inauthentic apology.

LOL Harsh! What a bunch of wet blankets! Have you ever paid for a meet-n-greet, OMG!?

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4 Comments on "OMG, Happy Hump Day! Hosted by the Dobre Brothers’ sad-ass meet-n-greet"

  1. Literally no clue who these people are!?

  2. Did a meet and greet with Cassandra Peterson, Elvira. She was so kind and generous and funny as hell. It was a bunch of us gay bears. She shook each of our hands and asked each of us our names and repeated our names back at each of us and told us how grateful she was for fans and how she loved our big gay bear outing. Took pictures and smiled and it was not forced in any way, she truly made sure each of us got acknowledged and thanked by our idol.

  3. I paid for a “Meet N Greet” once, it was to meet William Shatner after his recent one-man show. I did get to meet him, he autographed a show poster for me, and they took my photo with him. Given that he has always been one of my idols (Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker and Denny Crane), I was on cloud 9.

  4. Sorry stick to real celebrities. People that actually have talent. Not these douche bags.

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