!! OMG, the new Laganja!? Watch Jinkx Monsoon hit the BONG and plays video games !!

This is a fun show! Comedian Nick Sahoyah from Seattle gets stoned with various queer acts and makes them play video games while interviewing them! This time it’s Jinkx! Check it out above and grab the SNACKS!

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3 Comments on "OMG, the new Laganja!? Watch Jinkx Monsoon hit the BONG and plays video games"

  1. Oh and don`t get the wrong idea about me not liking gays or drag queens..
    I just so happen to be a gay guy myself and very happy. Thanks..
    Also I`m not against smoking weed or getting a good drunk on either..
    Just covering my ass so no one can say one or the other cause, I`m
    just being real here..

    • We thought they were pretty funny (even if you might need to have a little toke yourself to make it through all twenty minutes).

  2. I should have poked my eyes out with a str8 pin…
    I saw nothing funny just the 2 of them settin gettin a good buzz on..
    Shit I can do that in my place with a couple friends.. I mean really..
    If this is all you need to do a video and get praised over it I better
    stock up on my weed and booze and call a few of my buds to have some
    fun playing a video game and just getting high and drunk.
    No wonder why they call this OMG!!
    Come up with some real material before you fake know what half ass
    show your gonna try to post for other`s to see!!!!
    I so look forward to hearing all the negative hate messages telling
    me their shit was awesome.. well then get a life and stop burning the
    last of your brain cells!!
    Just my opinion and everyone has one..

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