!! OMG, presenting: A super-GAY Barbie for the ages !!

Gunnar Montana is a Philadelphia-based dancer and performance artist whose work has appeared in numerous festivals across the region. He specializes in “visual art installations, prop-based choreography, set design, costume design, the transformation of atmosphere, and innovative movement, concepts, and ideas.” Yesterday, he posted a video of his latest project. Together with collaborator Colin Burke, he turned himself into a very special and slutty Barbie doll. Check out some more of Gunnar Barbie after the jump!

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22 Comments on "OMG, presenting: A super-GAY Barbie for the ages"


  2. Gunnar’s a stud in these shots – naysayers go to hell!

  3. Absolute brilliance! He needs to take on “Potato Head” just to rile the GOP!!!

  4. DeAndré Brown | March 14, 2021 at 9:43 am | Reply

    Stunning and brave…not! That said, I’d gladly fuck him balls deeps once he takes of the stupid heels.

  5. TraceyMartel8 | March 14, 2021 at 8:27 am | Reply

    Wow, lots of homophobia here. Sad and gross to see. If you feel good about yourself, you don’t even have to worry about what other people are up to. Let’s do better than this.

    • Phobia is fear. One can not like something, while also not being afraid of it. Stop overusing pop-slang! I don’t like mushrooms, does that mean it’s a phobia? Ridiculous.
      One can have an artistic opinion too, without it being homophobia or not feeling good about oneself. Some people can’t even seem to think clearly, for being so “accepting” and “woke” and “current”. Snore.

      • TraceyMartel8 | March 15, 2021 at 8:52 am | Reply

        No darlin’, people don’t get upset about mushrooms. Certainly not other people eating mushrooms. There’s clearly something going on here, i.e. fear, insecurity, gender identity issues. Those who are feeling a certain way about this super-gay doll are feeling attacked by the doll. It’s certainly valid to simply not live for this doll, but that’s not where these feelings are coming from. Nice try though. Party.

    • I don’t have issues with the heels, but the doll is just ugly. I also don’t think it’s homophobic to say so. I can see why some gay men would think this is insulting.

  6. Hawt! Looove this. <3

  7. Cringe. White gay nonsense.

  8. Wow, this is so great…..for contributing to ongoing stereotypes about gays, and adding to the “gays aren’t normal people” idea, all while pretending that this crap is “art”.
    Not one ounce of this represents me, or any of my gay friends, now or ever.

    • Well said, I’m with you on this.

      • While I admit this is is far from my cup-o-tea, I fully support this young man’s right to express himself as he chooses. I think it may be you that has a problem with a stereotype, the stereotype that gay men are some homogenous monolith that all think, behave and express themselves the same ways. Just as there are straights willing to judge you for being gay, you seem just as eager to judge others for being a little too gay, or flamboyant, or sexually expressive, or whatever, If you expect tolerance and acceptance try practicing it even if you disagree or find something distasteful. Nobody represents you but you. Also as a gay person I have no desire to be or appear to be “normal people”…so you definitely don’t represent me.

      • GG missing the point. That you are threatened by this just because it doesn’t represent you says a lot about your own internalized homophobia. And the “gays aren’t normal people” idea is perpetuated by people like you, that try to classify what ‘normal’ is under the guise of heteronormal bs.

        If people like this artist felt accepted and embraced despite not fitting into toxic masculine culture, it’s not something they would need to speak up about in the first place. You might want to look at how you’re contributing to the need for the very thing you’re offended by.

        • It seems like if someone doesn’t like something, then they must have internalized homophobia or be transphobic, or the like. BS. I love me some fem men, masc men, fem ladies, masc ladies, everything in between. I’m coming from the view point that only the more extreme is ever represented, ie the gay person that just goes thru life without needing to “express” by drawing attention to themselves, and then someone else claiming it’s great art. We need everyone, but also equal representation.

          • don’t remember anyone saying “it’s great art”, frankly it’s not even ok, but bravo to a young man for trying. You can not like it, not like it all day long , but that is not what is evident in your comment…it goes beyond “not liking” to shaming. It clearly embarrasses you. And that’s your problem.

    • Agree. Sick of seeing garbage like this.

      • so agree lets burn all degenerate art, wait where did i here that before. oh right Nazi Germany.

        • Who mentioned burning? Fact is, myself and probably a million other gay boys dressed Ken Dolls up in Barbie’s clothes at age 6. We just didn’t think it was a great statement or great art.

          • so now you are the arbiter of what makes something art? I am suggesting all voices have value. I don’
            t care how you dress or dressed you are a bigot. you will not get it until you get it.

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