!! OMG, WATCH: Michael Cohen says Trump knew about Trump Tower Russia Meeting !!

Vic Berger gives Michael Cohen‘s new Trump/Russia testimony the once-over above! Start the weekend off right!

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3 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Michael Cohen says Trump knew about Trump Tower Russia Meeting"

  1. He also said he had NO evidence of any collusion with Russia—I’ll be waiting for that headline OMG.
    BTWs, Last time I checked having a meeting with ANYONE (that includes the democrat’s boogieman Russia) for opposition research even during a presidential campaign is NOT illegal.
    IF it were, surely the Fed’s would have arrested Hillary and her ilk by now as it is well PROVEN she paid companies with ACTUAL ties to the #1 boogieman Russia for opposition “research” against Trump during her campaign to in fact, alter votes and sway an election….but I digress.

    I swear if the liberal media spent only half the time they do hating on Trump by actually doing something productive…we could accomplish even greater thing than we can even imagine. 2020 is gonna be a great year!

  2. ONG! Cohen knwos about Trump crucifying Christ. What a POS he is. He found a strap-on in his girlfriend’s dresser drawer and tried it on, with with the dick in his ass.

  3. interesting how you still want to push the Trump hate instead of concentrating on topics people come here for.

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