!! OMG, a Q&A: Tom and Abi from GAYLETTER !!

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With New York nightlife happening in such abundance, but with few unique voices distilling it for discerning ears, it seems fated that Tom Jackson (pictured right) and Abi Benitez (left) would come from across two oceans (from Australia and the Dominican Republic respectively) to find each other in New York City and start the weekly newsletter that has become a must-read for entertainment-seeking American gays: the GAYLETTER.
Whether you’re looking for dancing, sexy times, or a little culture, you will find it (but not too much of it) in the well-edited pixels of the GAYLETTER. Paper Magazine recognized their efforts this year by nominating GAYLETTER for a Nightlife Award in the category of “best nightlife website.” You can vote for them here.
We had the pleasure of chatting with Tom and Abi about dwarf fisting, lost headphones, and the future of GAYLETTER.
Read the Q&A and check out this week’s GAYLETTER after the jump!

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How did you two meet?
Tom: At a bar, Abi was looking for customers, it’s back when he was a rent boy, just joking, he’s always given it away for free.
Abi: At a bar, Tom was wasted he just had lost his old iPod and Bang & Olufsen headphones…
Do you always go out together?
Tom: A lot of the time.
Abi: Most of the times…
Do you ever disagree about what to put in Gayletter?
Tom: Sometimes, Abi chooses a lot of the stuff and he has pretty good taste, I generally just go along with what’s put in front of me. My skill is in editing, making sure the voice is consistent and we don’t use the word cunt too many times in one write up.
Abi: Not really, when we first started doing the Letter we got into a stupid argument, but I think it was all because we were trying to find our voice. I think everyone who is trying to make something creative can butt heads at times.
What’s the funniest submission to Gayletter that you’ve rejected?
Tom: A dwarf fisting contest.
Abi: I think most funny things make it into the letter.
Do you aspire to sell out or keep your street cred?
Tom: Depends what’s on the table… I mean if you offer me a billion dollars. Let’s be honest, there’s not much I wouldn’t do for that amount. There’s not much most people wouldn’t do. I’ve played that game “how far would you go” with a lot of people, and for a billion pretty much anything is on the table. You’d be surprised how many people would eat out Larry King’s ass for 6 straight hours for a billion dollars.
Abi: I like to keep it honest, What would be the point? The reason we keep growing is because we keep it real! If someone wants to buy Gayletter for a couple millions that’s fine, but we need to be able to say cunt and cock and write whatever we want.
Has Gayletter ever gotten you laid?
Tom: I don’t know, maybe, no one’s ever said so.
Abi: Actually yes!
One piece of advice for an upstart party promoter trying to get their event into Gayletter?
Tom: Be honest.
Abi: Don’t try to sound like us when you are writing us an email, I prefer when it’s authentic, keep it real man! Offer sex and things you can give, don’t bullshit…
BONUS: Tom and Abi undressed each other earlier this year for BUTT Magazine. Check out the NSFW photos here

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